■Complete Use of Artificial Seawater
SUMIDA AQUARIUM uses only artificial seawater for all tanks except freshwater tanks by employing Taisei Corporation’s artificial seawater production system.
SUMIDA AQUARIUM is Japan’s second aquarium in Japan, and the first in the Kanto region, to use only artificial seawater, following KYOTO AQUARIUM, which is also operated by ORIX Real Estate. (KYOTO AQUARIUM opened on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 35-1 Kankijicho Kyoto Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto).
Use of this artificial seawater curtails CO2 emissions released when seawater is transported using large water tankers from port, which was an issue for inland aquariums.
Furthermore, using artificial seawater allows the aquarium to maintain a consistent water quality throughout the year, ensuring a comfortable environment for the aquatic creatures living in its tanks.
■Open Flow Lines
SUMIDA AQUARIUM occupies two levels, the fifth and sixth floors, in the West Zone of TOKYO SKY TREE TOWN®.
There are three different routes linking the upper and lower floors. Each route provides a different way of enjoying the aquarium.There is no fixed route leaving visitors free to come and go as many times as they please. They may tour the aquarium to their heart’s content while enjoying views of the tanks from many different angles and viewpoints.Each individual visitor can therefore tour and enjoy the aquarium exactly as they wish.
■Close to Aquarium Staff
Visitors can enjoy close-up views of penguins and fur seals at one of Japan’s largest indoor open tanks. Furthermore, the aquarium has set up a zone for visitors to watch behind-the-scenes “backyard” operations including the worksites of aquarium keepers.Naturally, the aquarium welcomes communication between visitors and staff.Friendly and approachable, the aquarium keepers will provide customers with attentive explanations.
SUMIDA AQUARIUM will strive to foster a close-knit community among visitors, aquatic life and staff members.
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