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SUMIDA AQUARIUM has set up a LAB at three locations inside the building in order to bring visitors closer to aquatic life.At each LAB, visitors can communicate in various ways with aquarium keeping staff, in addition to observing aquarium keepers at work as well as aquarium keeping equipment and facilities.This experience will increase visitors' understanding of aquatic life, while offering more ways to enjoy the aquarium.Seeing aquarium keepers interact with aquatic life in each LAB will give visitors a deeper appreciation of water's role as a cradle of aquatic life.

At the AQUA LAB, visitors can view the behind-the-scenes "backyard" operations of the aquarium, including aquarium keeping facilities and aquarium keepers tending to the needs of aquatic life.Here, visitors can observe each stage of the growth process of jellyfish from infancy to adulthood. Explanations of the behavior of jellyfish and sea anemone are also provided.The LAB offers visitors deeper insight into the biotope of these sorts of intriguing marine life.
The CORAL LAB plans to conduct activities to nurture coral seedlings from Okinawa, with the view to eventually returning the coral to the seas of Okinawa.SUMIDA AQUARIUM is collaborating with the SANGO ("Coral") ORIX project undertaken by ORIX Real Estate Corporation to rehabilitate coral reefs in Okinawa.
This LAB features a tank resembling a tide pool.At the TIDE POOL LAB, aquarium keepers and visitors communicate in various ways as they gather around a tank containing various tide pool organisms.Here, visitors can increase their understanding of various tide pool organisms whose characteristics vary according to season and theme.
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