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Zone Guide The Shimmering of Water -Natural Aquascape-

In collaboration with Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd., SUMIDA AQUARIUM has distilled the essence of a natural aquatic environment into this tank.Tiny bubbles of oxygen can be seen forming on the surface of aquatic plants as a result of photosynthesis, shimmering and swaying with the plants in the water.The tank's aquatic creatures, including fish, shrimp and microorganisms, breathe this oxygen, while the aquatic plants use the carbon dioxide released by these creatures to return oxygen to the water through photosynthesis.In this way, the flora and fauna in the tank are mutually interdependent in an ongoing cyclical process of life.Starting with the discovery of tiny, shimmering air bubbles, visitors will see in this tank a microcosm of natural waterscapes in the great outdoors.

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