About the Aquarium

About the Aquarium

■ Complete Use of Artificial Seawater

Sumida Aquarium has achieved the complete use of artificial seawater in all of its tanks with the use of a proprietary artificial seawater production system. This is the second aquarium in Japan, and the first in the Kanto region, to employ this system, after the Kyoto Aquarium (35-1 Kankiji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture; Opened Wed., March 14, 2012) operated by ORIX Real Estate Corporation. This system has served to curb CO2 emissions from the transportation of seawater in large trucks, a problem for inland aquariums. Also, because it enables water quality to be kept at a consistent level all year round, it provides a comfortable environment for the aquatic life in the tanks and allows the aquarium to offer beautiful exhibits.

■ Open Flow Lines

Sumida Aquarium occupies two levels on the 5th and 6th floors of the West Zone of Tokyo Skytree Town®. Instead of a one-way traffic flow from the entrance, it employs open flow lines, allowing visitors to spend their time in the aquarium wandering around freely, like in a park. There are three routes that link the upper and lower floors, each of which offers a different way of enjoying the aquarium. There is no fixed route and the tanks can be viewed from a variety of angles and viewpoints. Numerous seats have been arranged in front of the tanks with the aim of creating a space in which visitors can enjoy the exhibits in their own way, gazing at the tanks at a more relaxed pace.

■ Bringing visitors closer to the aquatic life and aquarium staff

Sumida Aquarium aims to be an aquarium in which visitors, aquatic life, and staff can become closer. In one of Japan’s largest indoor open tanks, visitors can get close enough that they can almost feel the breath of the penguins and fur seals, giving them the sensation that they are sharing a single, connected space. A zone has also been established that shows visitors the behind-the-scenes “backyard” operations of the aquarium, including where the aquarium keepers look after the creatures in their care. By conversing with the aquarium staff, visitors can obtain live information about the exhibits and enjoy new excitement and discoveries every time they visit.


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